The GPS wristband saving lives

DIAL is a GPS beacon in a wristband to stay connected with your loved ones and the rescue services in case of emergency

Developed for outdoor sports lovers

On the sea

On THE earth

in the sky

Autonomous, waterproof, resistant and connected to the 2G cellular network.

Stay in touch with your friends and family

The "DIAL" application allows you to add up to 3 emergency contacts.

The emergency contact can receive, qualify and share key information with the rescue teams, such as the location of the DIAL user. 

No references available? Discover remote assistance!

DIAL allows a faster and more efficient intervention of the rescue services


The user wears DIAL during his/her sports activities (water or land-based). In case of an emergency, the user triggers an alert.


The emergency contacts receive the alert and location of the DIAL user through an app notification, a text message and an email.


If the user does not answer or confirms the emergency situation, the emergency contact calls the rescue services (N°112 in Europe)


The rescuers have the DIAL user's location.

They will be able to act faster and more efficiently.

How to trigger an alert ?

Once the wristband is on, press until feeling discontinuous vibrations, then release to trigger an alert.

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