Remote Support Option

You don't know anyone available to be your
DIAL's emergency contact? 

The DIAL Remote Support Team is here to help !

How does it work ? 

1.You activate the remote support option the day before each activity.

2.The DIAL tele-assistant asks you for information about your activity:
- Time of departure and return
- Activity you will be doing
- Dominant colors of the equipment
- Do you have your phone with you?

3.The DIAL tele-assistant is added as an emergency contact of your DIAL. You will see it on your mobile app.

4.When you go out, if an alert is activated, the DIAL tele-assistant will receive it.
The tele-assistant will first try to contact you and then share the alert with the emergency services.

Try it now !

The remote support option is priced at €9.99 per month with automatic renewal.

It can be cancelled at any time (any month started is however due).

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