How does DIAL work on land-based activities? 


The user wears DIAL for their sports activity.
Before leaving, they inform one to three reliable relatives or friends: the emergency contacts.


In case of emergency, the alert is triggered:
- either by the DIAL user by pressing on the wristband for 3 seconds
- or automatically if the user is still for more than 3 minutes (this feature has to be previously enabled on the app, and if the user is on land).


The emergency contacts receive the alert.
To clear any doubt (alert triggered by accident for example), the first available emergency contact reaches the user to confirm their safety.  


If the user does not respond or confirms that they're in danger: 
The emergency contact can directly contact the rescue services from the DIAL application (connection with the European emergency number 112). Once the emergency contacts reaches the rescue services, they can share the GPS location displayed on the application.

Your adventures are safer with DIAL!

DIAL is aimed to all outdoor activities: hiking, running, biking... No matter what sports activity you choose, DIAL is your safety partner!

Waterproof, robust, and easy to adapt, the DIAL beacon can be worn on the wrist thanks to the wristband or placed easily into a pocket or backpack thanks to its compact size. 

In case of difficulty, a 3 second press on the beacon transmits a geolocalized alert to the DIAL user loved ones who can, thanks to the application, transfer it to the emergency services (N°112).

Thanks to DIAL, go out safely and reassure your loved ones during your outdoors adventures!

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