Individual alert and location device

DIAL is a waterproof GPS beacon connected to GSM/GPRS mobile networks.
It fits into a comfortable and highly resistant silicone wristband.  


The user wears DIAL during his/her sports activities (water or land-based). In case of an emergency, the user triggers an alert.
He/she will do so by pressing 3 seconds on the beacon until feeling discontinuous vibrations.


The emergency contacts receive the alert and live location of the DIAL user through an app notification,
a text message and an email.
Before leaving, the DIAL user informs one to three reliable relatives or friends: they are the emergency contacts.


If the user does not answer or confirms the emergency situation, the emergency contact calls the rescue services (N°112 in Europe).
The emergency contact can communicate the live user's location to the rescuers .


The rescuers have the DIAL user's location.
They will be able to act faster and more efficiently.

How to use DIAL ?

DIAL provides information on its status through a vibrating motor.

English version

Spanish version

To trigger an alert 

Press for 3 seconds,
until you feel discontinuous vibrations, then release to trigger an alert (bracelet on).

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