Enhance the safety of your team!


Are you responsible for the security of workers or sportspeople? 

Workers at height

Lone workers

Workers in ports

Monitor your own batch of GPS wristbands

Receive and manage geolocalized alerts

Get a direct access to rescue teams

A privileged connection to the security team

A dedicated interface enables the DIAL batch manager to locate the user and to mobilise the security team or rescue services on the ground as quickly as possible. 


The user wears the DIAL during outdoor work and activities. In case of an emergency, the user triggers an alert.


The DIAL batch manager receives the alert and live location of the DIAL user through an app notification, a text message and an email.


If the user does not answer or confirms the emergency situation, the DIAL batch manager shares the live user's location to the security team or rescue services.


The security team or rescue services have the DIAL user's location. They will be able to act faster and more efficiently.

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